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Оригинальные пространственные горшки для цветов

08 ноября 2014 г.

Необычные методы создания дополнительного пространстваfloating book support and the book-shaped flower pot are just two creative ways of extending the storage space or simply spread some “magic” around your home. Presented at Milan’s Design Week 2013, the two items mentioned above have two different functions: create an impression on whoever ends up seeing them and yes, here’s a more practical one, enhance the storage space. The first object presented by the Japanese design studio YOY is called “Book” but don’t be fooled by the name because in reality it’s a very elegant and minimalist flower pot. The fun thing is that it can perfectly blend with other books creating the illusion that this is just another regular book in your library with a very elucidating title though “The Life of Plants”. “By opening the cover page it stands stably and you can see the soil inside.”
Soil Flower Pot Unconventional Ways To Extend The Storage Space by YOY Design
The other showcased item is called “Extend”. Even more intriguing than Book, Extend is a serious matter of illusionism giving you the feeling that you are watching a pair of books floating. Extend “can be fixed to a tabletop by a clamp and the length can be adjusted as you like.”
Books Blending In Unconventional Ways To Extend The Storage Space by YOY Design

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