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Созданы растяжимые зеркала для дома

26 июля 2014 г.

Созданы растяжимые зеркала для домаWe discovered a few equally practical and elegant mirror designs envisioned by Miior. By expanding the revolutionary patented hinge mechanism, the user can adapt the mirror to his needs, without adjusting his or her body posture. Here are the three designs based on this concept, as described by the producers: ELLA mirror has a feminine, delicately styled yet modern look. Pull the frame of the mirror towards yourself and get maximum comfort for your daily facial routines thanks to the implemented AXIO-LINK technology. Swipe your hand over the sensor situated just beneath the mirror’s surface and turn on the light. ELLA mirrors make life simpler with an effortless finesse both in the bedroom and bathroom.
creative ella mirror 2 Creative Extendable Mirrors For Improved User Experience by Miior
creative ella mirror 3 Creative Extendable Mirrors For Improved User Experience by Miior
Photos above: Ella Mirror
The AL collection brings a modern look and functionality to the bathroom. With the AL mirror being complemented with a minimalist, modular shelf system, the bathroom wall is transformed into a multi-functional mosaic. Al components act like a mix and match type of minimalist decoration, with each element working well with one another in order to multiply the overall functionality of the ensemble. This idea reflects the user’s desire to be in sync with the ever-quickening pace of modern life.

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