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Небольшие скульптуры из бумаги украсят дом

03 ноября 2014 г.

Книги-скульптуры от Люсианы ФригейроIn case you thought books are just for reading, well, here’s something we want to show you, that might exceed your expectations! We figured out that books are a wonderful way to express art. Yes, of course, a book is a piece of art itself, but beyond our regular perception, there’s another one. And another. And so on! We are so excited to see that creativity has no limits when it comes to arts! Luciana Frigerio, a Vermont-based artist created a unique collection of paper art, simply called Folded Book Sculptures. Basically that was exactly what she did. She folded page by page, creating emotional (timeless) messages by using books. She only used Times New Roman and Helvetica as fonts, because of their impact upon the viewers.
Folded Pages Art Complementing Fine Arts: Folded Book Sculptures by Luciana Frigerio
And what a better way to complement art than blending one’s exquisite taste in books with talent, devotion and hard work! The result is simply spectacular, as you can see! All the messages have a positive and powerful impact. The intriguing amount of creativity of this paper art collection determined a man to propose to his fiancé, by setting “the book messages” on the shelf in a bookstore. Her “universe of paper” can be actually bought from her online Etsy Store.

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